Hello! 2024!

Hello! 2024!
Welcome to 2024. 2024 is a particularly lucky number, which means that we can make even more progress in this year!
The year 2023 is of great significance for the growth of our dawn dream. The dawn tree planted two years ago has broken through the soil, taken root and sprouted, and then the baptism of wind and rain, we have come to 2024.
Looking back at 2023, the days we studied in the community hospital, as well as the days we studied in the Hanjiang Normal College, are very valuable, we not only contact the society, but also, we deal with different people. Another is that we also learned a lot of clinical skills: CPR, IV fluids, dispensing medications, writing medical records. When I was a person, I was also scolded by my teacher…..
In 2024, we will participate in the college entrance examination, I hope we can successfully pass the wooden bridge!
Come on, Dawn tree!
Author: Shuguang Dream Group Publicity Department
Email: office_edu@mail.sgdream.net
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