Happy National Day! Happy 73rd birthday to the motherland!

73 years, wind and rain, 73 years, brilliant chapter. In 73 years, what has not changed is the original mission and the iron oath.

On this day, you may stop at the crowded Tiananmen Square in the morning, watch the flower basket, wait for the flag to be raised, and enjoy this unique "Chinese romance"; On this day, you may have a heavy burden on your shoulders, still stick to your post, and paint a bright "Chinese red" with a gesture of love and dedication; On this day, you may be overseas, but your heart is full of affection for the homeland of the motherland... On this day, no matter where they are, every Chinese will involuntarily hum "My Motherland and Me" and will wish in their hearts, "Happy Birthday, Mother of the Motherland." ”


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