Dawn little tree, you are taking root!

The Dawning dream, just like a sapling, took root and germinated (2022.4-2022.5 preparation for Dawning dream), broke through the soil (2022.6.25 the first conference and the founding ceremony of the legion), and then fought hard in the summer vacation, resisting the high temperature, resisting the epidemic, resisting the physical, psychological and habitual unremitting struggle! During this period, the sapling experienced the heat, experienced the rainstorm, experienced countless nucleic acid testing tribulations, stepped on the big stage, to overcome the numerous difficulties, and then to the willow bank flower name (2022.8 late), from a sapling, to the towering tree growing...... The young tree of Dawn dream 🌲 will surely continue to grow... Think about making progress. Toward the dawn of the dream!


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