New semester

On the first day of the new semester, the new semester does not seek a good weather, but only a kind of happiness from the heart
Our main task at the moment is to prepare for the cultural class, every detail of the review must be in place, our biggest challenge this year is internship and exam preparation, knowing that internship may take up a lot of time and energy.

The math review situation now is to first watch the explanation of the online teacher and prepare for warm-up. Prevent getting lost in future review processes
Language is now in a state of stagnation, classical Chinese still has not found the core points, and we must pay attention to accumulation.
English is now very chaotic, the plan is initially set to look at the answer to see the topic, clarify the knowledge points, do accumulation, and then adjust according to the situation.

We are likely to go for internships, but we will probably stay in school as well. No matter where we are, we must build our own navigation system, it is better to be mentally prepared!

The Dawning Dream team will do its best to support the development and progress of Dawning Dream

May we work together vigorously, think independently, and open up a new world that belongs to our team!
Come on! Every dreamer of Dawn Dream!


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