Dawn dreams of carrying out sunshine sports activities

This network news the first weekend of April, on the basketball court, Dawn Dream team to carry out sunshine sports activities, sunshine sports activities is the mandatory course of Dawn Dream, we should learn to run in the east, in the collision to learn teamwork spirit, this is one of the best teaching materials!

In this activity, Dawning Dream team reflects the importance of sports and physical development! This activity will be the beginning of normal training of Dawning Dream Sports, and the sports strong team will become the top priority in the fitness goal of Dawning Dream team. Building a healthy team, the normalization of physical exercise is the most basic and core part of our team construction. Dawning Dream has made breakthroughs in long-distance cycling, urban cycling and basic badminton playing. In addition, our team also attaches great importance to basic physical training. Pull-ups have become the most important part of our current physical exercise, which lays a solid physical foundation for future CPR! This training for one hour, pull-up 15 words, a total of five groups of pull-up monkey bars 15 seconds, a total of five groups, and do stretching training.


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